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Carl Brenders’s Wild Life Art is art of the highest level. This Belgian artist is world famous in in the USA, but little known in our regions. Carl imagines the nature with an endless amount of details, into tactile, hyperrealistisc compositions. “I want to capture the perfection of nature”, he says on it.

Wildlife Art Not For Sale

At Early Birds Art Gallery we thought it most pressing to introduce the Low Countries to Brenders’s detailed and lifelike paintings of animals in the wild. Mission accomplished after our exposition ‘Not for Sale’ on February 16th 2020. We didn’t sell a single painting. And yet we found it magnificent. The pieces we showed offered our visitors a true museum experience. It’s not always about selling at Early Birds Art Gallery.


Carl’s (°1937) complete set of works is sold out and shines in collections worldwide. The artist still has four works in possession, intended as inheritance for his family. And those paintings could be admired in Knokke.


Besides art of the highest level, it was an evening filled with wonderful encounters, old friends and new relations. One of our visitors, for example, was the person who helped Carl launch his career in the USA in the seventies. During this kind of event we not only learn more about people, but about ‘our artists’.

I want to capture the perfection of nature.