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When one looks at the sculptures of Isabel Miramontes, one sees movements, poses and impressions of the human body, executed in bronze with a soft patina. She creates fascinating figures, so please, take the time to fully take them in.

Isabel Miramontes (°1962) was born in Santiago de Compostela and this place of pilgrimages and Celtic history still fascinates her. The artist grew up in Belgium, in Brussels, she studied there and got her teaching degree in Fine Arts at the Sainte Marie Institute. In 1988 she continued her studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Saint-Gilles and in Patrick Pouillart’s studio, where she gained much experience by sketching live models. She also followed courses with art historian Gastón Fernandez.

Split strips, spirals and twisted figures

She retained the need to document the movements, poses and impressions of the human body at any moment of the day by sketching. Her many sketchbooks are testament to the subtle and remarkable outlook she has on the world.

In 1994, in the studio of an artist friend, she discovered her passion for sculpting. This became her favourite way of expressing herself. She takes inspiration from the movements and poses of the human body. In doing so she adds a dynamic playfulness to her contemporary sculptures, a playfulness that keeps intriguing. In her sculptures you’ll often see split strips of bronze, spirals and contorted figures. These dynamic movements are in stark contrast with the heads, who have a static expression.

Man in all its duality

The visual language of Miramontes represents the human being in all its duality: its strength and weakness, its security and desire for freedom, its dreams and triumphs. Her fascinating figures – the synthesis of forms and thoughts – express the realness of life and its moments of happiness, but also the drama, abandonment and tension.

Isabel Miramontes’s work is being exhibited in exceptional galleries all over Europe and her sculptures are part of countless private collections.



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