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Pieter Vanden Daele

As a child Pieter Vanden Daele molded animal figures out of plasticine and colored sticks of wax. He was fixated by the movements and natural patina on the skin of inhabitant of aquaria. There was also the Schelde, that flowed through his place of birth and countless ponds in the neighbourhood. Pieter Vanden Dale was enchanted by this mysterious under water world.

Creative interpretations of reality

His love for drawing and painting resulted in art classes. Through a job at a bronze caster he learned the finesse of bronze casting and polishing. He also experimented to his heart’s desire until he mastered his own style of applying patina. Pieter slowly discovered the intricacies of sculpting in bronze and its endless possibilities.

All his passions culminated in 2003. The ‘artist’ created bronze fish sculptures and later also frogs. The animals were often common species found in our regions. To turn a simple fish into a sculpture is a challenge he loves.

Things he finds along the Schelde: old leather, rusty nails, thin pieces of copper plate, leaves… are worked into his sculptures. It results in rough and exceptionally detailed surfaces.

His fish and frogs appear lifelike, while they have been cast in bronze for all eternity. Pieter: ‘I draw my inspiration from their movements, that are stuck in my head. My work is not a true copy of reality, but rather a creative interpretation.’

International career

Pieter Vanden Daele exhibits his sculptures in Belgium, The Netherlands, the U.K., France, the U.S., Canada and Russia.

 stelt zijn sculpturen tentoon in België, Nederland, het V.K., Frankrijk, de V.S., Canada en Rusland.

Vanden Daele’s work is not a true copy of reality, but rather a creative interpretation.



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