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Renso Tamse wishes to show the story of life and of nature in each one of his paintings, this in order to inform us of the beauty of our planet. His paintings are realistic watercolors of animals and nature, and sometimes people.

Where does a painter find inspiration for his works? How does he make that concrete? What impact do expositions have on him? Fascinating questions, are they not? Painter Renso Tamse is sunk deep into thought as he watches his latest work ‘Lessons of Priority Tiger’, a monumental piece that soon will leave for a museum tour.

Renso: “My art originates from the observing and exploring of nature. My vision is that nature is the key to life and that art forms a bridge to the heart. 

Each one of my pieces is birthed from emotion, as such Lessons of Priority Tiger. I wish to portray the animals of the animal realm in their power, their vulnerability, their survival, to put it simply in their true form of being. They have no voice, but in this way I am able to give them a voice. It is my duty and calling. I hope that my respect and love of nature not only can be seen in my works, but also felt.

It’s always a search to find the form that depicts my emotion or sentiment. It is the capturing of a moment, that I am constantly reliving whenever I work on a piece. The composition and framing of the painting show exactly what it is about and is purely designed based on feeling. They together form the totality of the work.” 

Once the first and the many following brush strokes are on the canvas, how does on continue from there? 

Renso: “It’s always about taking some distance from a piece where you have familiarized yourself with every square millimeter after all those hours. I always look at it as a whole and go in search of that feeling that touches me. I question whether or not the message of intensity is already there? Not quite yet? Then I go in search of the right brush, mix the colors, forget the world around me and allow myself to be immersed in my work.

Exposing or exhibiting for me is tthe combination of the passion of the sharing of creativity and at the same time the possibility of triggering the awareness that we need to protect nature and wild animals, because our life , be it directly or indirectly, depends on it. I collaboration with the WWF I want to make this message even more clear with my art. I make these works, not only to entertain, but also to challenge people to think.” 



20221015 - 20221113

Closer to Nature: Exhibition Michel Bassompierre – Renso Tamse

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