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Stéphane Gisclard

Stéphane Gisclard’s painting take you back to the Roaring Twenties. When the western world floated on a cloud of euphoria for a decade. Culture flourished like never before, the globe seemed enchanted. Even though the Roaring twenties may be a source of inspiration, the scenes that Stéphane Gisclard paints are timeless. In his paintings one is able to recognize elements of the thirties, our times and even the future.

Gisclard (1966 – ) has a unique style that one cannot pinpoint. Here and there one is able to pick up on influences. Such as cubism for example, a movement in art where object were deconstructed and put back together, in order to create the illusion of multiple perspectives. In his work one also sees influences of other periods, movements and masters; such as the chiaroscuro  of Caravaggio, the baroque compositions of Rembrandt and the expressionistic colors of Vassily Kandinsky.

Stéphane Gisclard also draws inspiration from the art deco facades that he encounters on his walks through Paris. The power and purity with which he executes his brushstrokes bring to mind this period with her simple and elegant forms.

In his paintings, Gisclard mols the light into a rich source that shines on one side of the painting. The play of light and dark, combined with the subtle and warm colors, and the flat areas express a Mediterranean clarity that exudes from his work. He enriches his color palette by combining patina, lacquer paint and pigments, techniques that stem from his time restoring paintings. This way of approaching things in combination with his painting technique and his large canvases, give a certain uniqueness to his work.

Stéphane Gisclard also draws inspiration from the lively ambiance in seaports, large cities, the cabarets of the Belle Epoque, the roofs of Paris and casinos. Women are his muses, he shows their most seductive and at the same time most ambitious side. His characters, also adventurous men, show a powerful presence. The eyes are always closed, this is the artistic signature of Stéphane Gisclard.