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Since late 2019 the Biritish artist Simon Gudgeon has been a part of Early Birds Art Gallery. The Brit’s most recent sculptures were inspired by the human body; by its movements and the way it is able to convey emotions.

Simon Gudgeon, in Knokke

For his most recent sculptures – Bourrée, Retiré and Ephemera- Gudgeon was inspired by the human body. By its movements and the way it is able to convey emotions. To achieve this, he collaborated with Ksenia Ovsyanick, prima ballerina of the state ballet of Berlin. While she danced the Dying Swan, the artist examined the elegance and grace and saw the poses he wanted to use in his works. The resulting bronzes can be admired at Early birds Art Gallery in Knokke.

Also come have a look at Search For Enlightenment, two stylized bronze heads, that are beautifully displayed in 1m version in our gallery. Minimalistic and semi-abstract, they testify a visual harmony. Or perhaps Reflection, that shows a bronze bird looking at its own reflection. The piece symbolizes peace and spiritual contentedness, shortly, a sculpture that demands one to stand still for a moment.

And in a bunch of other fascinating places in the world

Would you like to acquaint yourself with the work of this artist? Then one must venture into the wide world. Simon Gudgeon is well known for his grand outdoor works. These sculptures are home in various top-notch locations, for example in the National Wildlife Museum in Jackson, Wyoming, in Hyde Park, London and at Cirque du Soleil’s headquarters in Montreal. The majority of his outdoor collection can be admired in his sculptural park Sculptures by the Lakes, in the country side of Dorset. It’s an oasis for art lovers and collectors, spanning 10,5 ha; the largest sculptural park in the U.K., welcoming tens of thousands of visitors annually.

Simon Gudgeon and Mark Dedrie

Great minds think alike. Thus it’s no coincidence that Simon Gudgeon and Mark Derie, both figurative sculptors with abstracting elements in their works, have been following each other for a long time. There was regular correspondence between the U.K. and Sint-Job-in-‘t Goor, where Mark lives. An invitation to visit the studio in Dorset followed. This was long before Early Birds Art Gallery existed. It was a most pleasant meeting. His sculptures were branded into our minds, we became true fans.

Years later, Mark got the invitation to exhibit his swans in the Royal Botanical Gardens in London. He was assigned the most beautiful spot for his sculptures, close to the pond, the magnificent greenhouses serving as background. And guess what, the recommendation was made by Simon.

Soon thereafter our old dream of representing Simon, became reality.

A Sculpture must, above all, be a thing of beauty; it must uplift the spirit and enhance its surroundings.