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19/11/2022 - 27/11/2022

Antica Namur 2022

Antica Namur, the rendez vous for all Art and Antique lovers that requires no further introduction, will return this autumn from 19 to 27 November 2022 in the capital of Wallonia.

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Past exhibitions

15/10/2022 - 13/11/2022

Closer to Nature: Exhibition Michel Bassompierre – Renso Tamse

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Early Birds Knokke 16/07/2022 - 15/08/2022

Exhibition Philippe Timmermans

Philippe Timmermans (°1957) makes male sculptures in bronze. You can come and discover them in Knokke. The work of Timmermans has a clear signature, recognizable by the typical postures of the nude body and the incredibly detailed applied textures. We are honoured to introduce you to this artist and his work.

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05/08/2022 - 05/09/2022

Exhibition Tim Flach

Why is Tim Flach so well known? Like no other he is able to document the diversity and beauty of the animal world, with exciting colours, remarkable contrasts and intriguing compositions. He depicts the animals in (studio)portraits, abstract or in movement. He shows them against simple backgrounds, so that we, the audience, may focus on the details and their morphological diversity. Come and get to know this unmatchable photographer during his new exhibition at Early Birds Art Gallery!

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Early Birds Knokke 10/06/2022 - 11/07/2022

Exhibition Animaliers

At Early Birds Art Gallery we have spent the last months preparing this exceptional exhibition and we cannot wait for you to meet our four new animal artists. Animaliers of animal artists are sculptors or painters who specialize in a realistic depiction of animals. The concept originates in the 19th century in France. This art movement evolved into a household name on the art market and today animaliers are drawing the attention from the largest auction houses and art galleries.

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Early Birds Knokke 14/05/2022 - 06/06/2022

Exhibition Xavier Swolfs: Watercolours

The art (of painting) knows many forms, and it is just that that makes it endlessly fascinating. One of these forms is watercolor. And how is one able to better discover this technique than by acquainting themselves with the works of the Belgian master of watercolor, Xavier Swolfs?

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Early Birds Knokke 16/04/2022 - 09/05/2022

Exhibition Ewoud De Groot and Pieter Vanden Daele

This April Early Birds Art Gallery presents a double exhibition of the works of Ewoud De Groot and Pieter Vanden Daele.

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