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Chris Maynard

“I’m an artist and I carve feathers”. Speaking to you is Chris Maynard, the American ‘feather artist’. Though he is a household name in the USA, he’s relatively unknown in our regions.

Wondrous bird silhouettes

Using chirurgical small blades and scissors Maynard cuts bird silhouettes out of feathers. He works with a variety of feathers – turkey, parrot, peacock and others – and molds them into the most subtle compositions.

Maynard’s work highlights the natural patterns and colors of these feathers and invites the observer again and again to have a closer look. Many of the feather were discarded by the animal naturally, which means that the feather’s carriers might still be alive. The artist is a nature conservationalist to the core, he never works with illegally obtained feathers.

Chris Maynard draws his inspiration from the feather themselves and the sense of movement that they create. His choice of material originated from his wish to be able to fly. ‘Feathers are so significant, because we all secretly wish we could fly’, he says on the matter.

Chris Maynard, household name in many private collections and museums

Since 2010 Chris Maynard’s work can be admired in various museums (amongst them the National Museum of Wildlife in Jackson, Wyoming). He’s also a household name in countless private collections in North-America, Asia, Europe and Australia. This feather artist can also be discovered in our gallery in Knokke.

Sinds 2010 is Chris Maynards werk te bewonderen in verschillende musea (waaronder het National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming). Hij is ook een vaste waarde in talrijke privé collecties in Noord-Amerika, Azië, Europa en Australië. Deze verenkunstenaar ontdekken kan je ook in onze galerie in Knokke.

Feathers are so significant, because we all secretly wish we could fly