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Mountains, plains with lavender fields and vineyards, quaint small villages, little boats on the Mediterranean Sea in the most intense colors. Jean-Pierre Maltèse is one of the greatest colorists of our time. With his canvases he does not describe the Provence, he suggests, conjures emotions in life and stimulates the imagination.

Maltèse was born in Tunisia and spent his early childhood in North-Africa. He studied at the Beaux-Arts of Toulon and La Seyne and befriended the painters at the Toulon school. Today he is one of the most important artists in the contemporary Provence School.

 His works conveys modernity and hamrony. He takes away paint to reveal figures, objects and trees. It is his signature. His creations are always based on a theme. Nature is a permanent source of wonderment for him. The flat areas of color create the magic of the scene and are warmed up by the southern light.

Maltèse: “A painting tells a story, how abstract it may be. It is the story of its relation to other objects, with the viewer, and its own, separate story between the elements of which it is composed: the shape, color, material and line.”




Early Birds Knokke 20210703 - 20210802
Philippe Timmermans Small Sculpture

Exhibition Philippe Timmermans and Jean-Pierre Maltèse

Early Birds Art Gallery presents the works of Belgian sculptor Philippe Timmermans and French painter Jean-Pierre Maltèse.

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